In Antwerp Sleeubus produces almond and sugar products for bakery raw material wholesalers, confectionery wholesalers and chocolatiers. The products are appreciated at home as well as abroad.
Tasteful high quality marzipan is manufactured by an old recipe using almonds from the Mediterranean region.

Other products made with the same sense of quality in various compositions are :
Almond meal, mixed with or without sugar, sliced almonds, fondant and choco-fondant.

The artisanal production method has been adapted during the years to new industrial and hygienic standards with respect for the original concept. Sleeubus strongly emphasizes a correct execution of orders so that deliveries arrive at their final destination in time and right composition.

This site is meant to give a brief survey of our activity. For products made according to preference, additional information or prices please contact us by e-mail, telephone or fax.



Almond meal and
sliced almonds


Marzipan small packages

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